Monday, March 12, 2012

Village Upgrade

Our three hour tour of uber-outer-pretty-much-not-London was almost not worth the 7-ish hours we spent traveling there and back. I say almost because while the Secret Agent was working away,  I spent my three hours eating tasty artisanal bread sandwiches and cake. Lots of cake. And cake and tasty bread are always worth it. Especially when it's bread like this…

I should've photographed the cake, but it was looooooong gone before that even crossed my mind. Sorry, maybe next time.

In other news, we here in the Village have a very busy week ahead of us. The Secret Agent will be busy continuing to defend the Free World and I will be packing up our starter apartment because we are moving to a new village!

Major village upgrade in the works, people. Not only are we moving to a much nicer + prettier village,  but we are also getting this charming little cottage! 

….with a garden!
….and a garage!
….and a functioning hot water heater!
….no dishwasher, but hey, it's the Village. Pick your battles.

Lots of packing for me and more stories, reflections and excellent iPhone photography headed your way.

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