Friday, November 30, 2012

7 QT: How Not to Fly with your Toddler

We made it back to the village on Tuesday after a pretty intense 20 hour transatlantic slog.  It was much easier this time since I had the Agent with me to help, but  I am just here to say it is never easy with a baby, or when you miss your connecting flights, or when everyone assumes that the incessant screaming coming from the adjacent toddler is coming from your precious non-screaming angel. 

See? Not screaming.

So what upset our fellow mini passenger so? It could've been that….

1. He was already exhausted from a full day of flying. They connected from somewhere in South America.

2. His parents didn't even try to put him to bed for the entire duration of the flight.

3. When he started rubbing his eyes and crying or exhibiting other signs of tiredness, his parents would actively try to keep him up- they would put headphones on him and put a movie on, offered him a snack, etc. No sleep for you, Junior!

4. He didn't have anything to eat except for chocolate and cookies.

5. His mom kept giving him baby bottles…full of Sprite. 6 whole cans of Sprite (that I counted), until the flight attendant cut her off.

6. He started puking from the massive sugar overload.

7. And his mom didn't change his vom-soaked clothes. Come to think of it, I didn't see a diaper change either. 

All on a 9 hour flight.

I hope you weren't feeling like a bad mom today. If you were, cut it out and give yourself a gold star. Or a mother of the year award.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Better Late than Never: What I Wore {T-Giving}

Breaking the blog silence from the great state of Texas. Hallelujah, right?

Thanks to Grace & Anne for shaming me (in the nicest way, of course) out of blog hibernation- so now that you know that I am completely susceptible to peer pressure, don't go suggesting I try anything crazy like hi-lo hemlines, ombre hairstyles, or paleo diets. Promise? I knew you would.

What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner:

Chambray-esque top and coral (ahem) skinnies both from Target, keeping me semi-trendy in my slightly larger post baby shape. Tory Burch sandals from Nordstrom.

Do you like my new "low lights"? Or, as I like to say, practically brunette locks with copper accents? Yeah, me neither.

This Texas adventure is sadly almost over. We're back to the UK on Monday. Sniff sniff. And just in case you were wondering, I wholeheartedly do not recommend taking 3 month old or 4 month old babies on long haul flights.

...wait...did I just say my baby was four months old?! Gahh...

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